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1904 Windermere Open Launch
1900 River Launch
1912 Yacht Tender
1939 German Schnellboot S-9
African Queen
Bantam Tug & Barge
Boston Blenheim
Brede Lifeboat
Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter
Cigarette 36 & Aurora 40
Clyde Puffer Inchcolm
Destroyer - Erich Steinbrink
Director Paddle Tug
Dutch Harbour Tug
Endeavour Inshore Trawler
Eskgarth Tug
Fairmile B WWII Launch
Fairmile D WWII MTB
Flying Eagle Tug
German WWII Armed Trawler
Grand Banks Schooner
HMS Brave Borderer & Perkasa
Heavy Duty Hull
HS Class Tug
Inga IV Motor Sailer
Island Class OVP
Lady Margaret Steam Launch
Lloydsman Salvage Tug
Ministeam / Minivap Range
Motor Trawler
Neptune 36
Pilot Launch
Port Of London Tug
RAF Crash Tender
River Queen Open Launch
R N Steam Picket Boat
Salvageman & Anglian Prince
Santa Barbara & P28
Spirit IOM Yacht
Sun XXI Tug
Swallow Yacht
Tarpon Cruiser
Thames Sailing Barge Venta
Thames Steam Launch Duncan
TID Class Tug
Victorian Steam Launch
Vosper MTB 523 & 66
Waveney Lifeboat
Yarta Steam Yacht
Some of our customers' own design models on Kingston Mouldings hulls.

Many Kingston Mouldings customers use their own imagination to come up with something a little different, using one of our standard hulls as a basis, but departing in varying degrees from the original design. Some of the models shown here are no more than the own-design products of customers’ fertile imaginations, and they are not intended to represent any single full-size vessel with any degree of accuracy. Some others however are very close to scale replicas, for which the Kingston Mouldings hull was a close enough approximation of the original ship or boat to make a convincing scale model.

This beautifully constructed freelance tug was built on an Eskgarth hull, and it was a prizewinner at the 2000 IMS model show that was held in London earlier this year.

An inventive customer in Japan built this steam powered launch, using a small Saito steam plant and one of our Victorian steam launch hulls as a starting point.

A smart modern cruiser, built on a Kingston Mouldings French Pilot launch hull.

Sailing across a calm lake in British Columbia Canada, this open steam powered launch uses a fairly standard Royal Navy steam picket boat hull, as indeed did many full size steam launches of that era.

Another interesting own design tug model, built on one of our Eskgarth hulls, one of the most popular starting points in the Kingston Mouldings range for freelance tugs.

Yet another freelance design built on the Eskgarth hull, this time cut-down and slightly modified in other ways, to represent a typical inland waterways craft.

An exact scale model of a Dorset Police launch based here in Poole. Built on a slightly modified Brede lifeboat hull, exactly the same as the real thing, which is one of the standard Lochin 33 commercial designs.

This is a very close to scale motor sailer, photographed while still under construction. It is being built by the owner of the full size boat on a hull that began life as one of our Lady Margaret steam launches.

And now for something completely different, the hull is a fairly standard example of the Dutch Harbour tug, and the upperworks are entirely constructed from Lego components.

Another replica of a real boat, in this case a handsome own design 1930s motor cruiser, built on a shortened steam picket boat hull. Quite remarkably, both the model and the full size original were made almost entirely from scratch by the same man.

A very close to scale inland waterways tug, constructed on a slightly modified Dutch Harbour tug hull, and performing icebreaking duties on the club lake one winter.

A very close to scale prize winning model of a WW2 RAF Rescue Launch, that was built on a standard Vosper 523 MTB hull.

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