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BARGAIN HULLS FOR SALE- current stocks.

As explained on my homepage, I’ll be more or less retiring from the end of April 2016, after which time, NO MORE MAIL ORDER, though this just applies to what used to be the normal business, all items listed on this page can all be sent by mail for smaller items, or carrier as before in the usual way.

I've never kept many finished hulls in stock, but it seems like a good idea to sell off what I still have, in most cases at discounted prices. Most of the original listing have been sold now, only a few left, but as I sort out my workshop in the coming weeks, I'll be adding one or two more. I’ll be updating this list on a regular basis, and payment of the sums listed plus carriage can either be made by PayPal, ask me to send you one of their Payment Requests, or by cheque made out to R Whitmarsh. All hulls are perfect, no flaws or blemishes unless clearly described.

Falmouth workboat/oyster dredger. As described on the Newsletter page and perfect. Normally I'd have hung onto this to sell to a caller, but it's already packed for a customer who eventually went for something else, so no problem to mail order if anyone wants it. £58.50 + 12.50 UK postage. Cheating slightly here, this one went almost immediately, but I've since sold it again several times over. It's a small hull and I can still make them from time to time for enquirers and callers. I can send it by ordinary mail and am still able to pack items this size for safe travel, so as long as customers aren't in any hurry, they are still able to order this one for the forseeable future.

German WW2 destroyer Erich Steinbrinck, a very nice hull for expert builders, two hulls available, greatly reduced at £60.00 + 14.50 UK carriage.

Ministeam hulls, two each of Tender and steam launch/steam yacht hulls, all old stock now sold, but like the small Falmouth hull above, I can still make a hull if anyone wants one.

Ministeam tugboat grey - SOLD

I'll do my best to keep this page fully up to date, but do e-mail or phone to confirm availability and reserve listed items before sending any payment. All ordering and payment details are the same as specified on the standard Order Form, you'll find that if you click on the Price List & How to Order tabs.


A recent stock check showed that I have more electric motors than I need, so I’d be happy to sell some to interested customers. most result from a payment-in-kind deal done with a model shop that was going out of business, and the others are mainly left-overs from customers orders, or from some project that wasn’t proceeded with. All these motors are new and unused, and I also have a few items like spare Olympus reduction drive units. It’s all odds & ends, and all are cheaper than you’d find in model shops, so if you are buying a hull or two, it’s worth asking what other items I have available that could be used to power them. All at less than normal retail prices, and post free if bought with any hull. If you are interested, send an e-mail query, and I’ll reply with the current stock list as an attachment.

ELECTRIC MOTORS, 385 type. I've had two or three of these sitting on a shelf for some time, together with matching MFA Olympus geared reduction drive units. I bought them for an overseas customer to send with his hull, and he changed his mind at the last moment, making them surplus to requirements. I'll probably find a use for everything eventually, but if anyone can use them now, I'm asking just £5.00 apiece for the motors and £6.00 for each Olympus unit. No additional postage on any item if ordered with any hull, and only a modest extra UK P & P charge of £3.50 if you just want one or two motors or drives.

MFA ELECTRIC MOTORS WITH GEARED OUTPUT. I've found three of these lying around, still sealed in their original packaging. They are robust units boast a powerful high quality 540 size three pole motor with sintered bronze bearings. The all steel gearbox has bronze output bearings to enable the high torque from the motor to be transmitted through the gearbox. The motor/gearbox units are mounted on a steel motor mount bracket, I have one with 2.5:1 output, and one labelled 100:1 that I'm struggling to think of any modelling use for. The first one would be ideal for models with a large scale-size propeller. Each is offered at £18.50 each, and as usual no additional postage if ordered with any hull, and only a modest UK P & P charge of £3.50 if sold separately.

ELECTRIC MOTORS, 540 & 545 type. I usually have one or two examples of new and unused 540 (3-pole) and 545 (5-pole) motors for much the same reason as the 385s listed above, spares and leftovers from customer orders. These are offered at £6.00 each, and again no additional postage if ordered with any hull, and only a modest UK P & P charge of £3.50 for any number of motors if sold separately.

MULTIPLEX PERMAX MOTORS. I have two different sized examples, all supplied by customers for fitting into hulls, but just not suitable for the models intended, which left them surplus to requirements, they aren’t the kind of thing I’m likely to use. There is one Permax 500, this is a good motor for high speed hulls, the dimensions are more or less the same as a standard 540. You can’t really use it with gel cells, but would need an 8.4volt nicad pack. Quite a good motor choice for a medium-vee type hull like my French Pilot Launch, if you want some speed and don’t expect very long running times, this one should do nicely. I only have one of these, and it's yours for just £7.00, no additional postage if ordered with any hull, £3.50 otherwise in the UK. I also have a pair of Permax 480s, these are smaller versions, about the same size as a 385, but more powerful and a bit more thirsty than most examples. Best power source would be a 7.2 volt nicad pack. I have two of these, and they could be yours for £5.00 each, or £9.00 for the pair, no additional postage if ordered with any hull, £3.50 if sent on their own.

M-TRONICS – electric speed controllers. These are excellent items, the best speed controllers I’ve found, I never use anything else. I have one or two leftovers from customer orders, the larger 20amp units I had have all gone to new homes now, but I still have a 3amp one, a nice little item with forward and reverse, new and unused in the original sealed packaging. I might get round to using this myself eventually if no-one takes it off my hands, and the last retail price I saw was about £20.00, but I’m only asking £16.50 plus £3.50 for postage. As with every other item listed, no extra postage cost if ordered with one of my hulls, probably ideal for anyone motorising something like a Tamiya plastic kit. I also have one new 10amp unit, this one is £19.50, and if sent on its own, add £3.50 for postage


What we have here is an accurate hull for a German Type 142 Schnellboot, better known as the Zobel Class, of which Wiesel for which Graupner make a full kit is probably the best known example. A while ago, I had a customer, who wanted a fleet of these to play with on the lake in front of his country mansion. The standard Graupner Wiesel kits were to be used, but he didn't like the vac-formed hulls, and the fact that the kit hull design was inaccurate. The full-size boats had four prop shafts, but for some strange reason, Graupner had changed this to three, one running through the central keel. My hull is restored to the original with the full keel, using original Shipyard drawings, so you can use the scale four shafts, or for a simplified version twin shafts, and of course, this fibreglass hull is far stronger than the original thin plastic kit version.

As I still have the mould, and also the original customer's permission, it seems a bit of a waste not to offer these hulls to anyone who wants one, but at a fraction of the original cost. They measure 1070mm x 175mm, same as the Graupner kit, with which they can of course be used, though with two or four shafts instead of the kit three. These hulls aren't seconds, they are perfect in every way and usually made to order. They cost £85.00 each, which is well under half the original cost, and UK postage for any number of hulls adds £14.50. Plans are available at extra cost, and these would be copied from the original Graupner kit plans, which are on two very large sheets, current cost for these plans is £20.00. Phone or e-mail if you need any additional info on this item.

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